Lutheran Campus Ministry

LCM Enters Time of Discernment

From the Lutheran Campus Ministry at Iowa State Board of Directors

Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM) at Iowa State has served students in Ames and beyond for more than seven decades. LCM is moving into a time of intentional strategic discernment. During this time of discernment, the LCM Board in partnership with the three Iowa synod bishops, Bishop Amy Current of the Southeastern Iowa Synod, Bishop Lorna Halaas of the Western Iowa Synod, and Bishop Kevin Jones of the Northeastern Iowa Synod will rebuild the LCM Board of Directors, review the current LCM constitution and bylaws, ensure the care for the University Lutheran Center building and property and move together into a time of strategic planning about the future of LCM at Iowa State.

During this time of discernment, active campus ministry is suspended. The LCM Board will communicate and continue with updates during this process. The LCM Board of Directors is grateful for your generosity through the years, for your love of campus ministry at ISU, and for your ongoing prayers. We invite your prayers during this process of planning and discernment about all the ways to share the Good News of God through Jesus at Iowa State University.


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