University Lutheran Center

A partnership between Lutheran Campus Ministry at Iowa State University and Lord of Life Lutheran Church

What We Believe

Lord of Life is a Lutheran congregation. We believe that we are not saved by what we have done in the past or do now. We are saved by the grace and love of God. Because God has come to us and shown us love and forgiveness, we then respond with acts of worship and service.

Because God desires us, God came to walk among us in the person of Jesus. Jesus taught his followers what it means to live a non-violent life of forgiveness, love, and healing. Jesus shook up the social order by eating with all kinds of outsiders. Jesus broke social taboos by touching the very people society ignored. This and his growing popularity resulted in his execution. But God still loved God’s people and would not let death stop that. God’s love is even stronger than death, and Jesus was brought to life again, proof positive that forgiveness has no limits.

The Spirit of God continues to blow in our midst today, another gift to us. The Spirit gives us strength and courage.  It sends us into the world to love and serve the same people Jesus came to love and serve.

Have questions? Bring them with and we will explore them together.
Need hope? Come hear the stories of others who have struggled and survived.

Along the way we will sing and pray, laugh and cry and lose ourselves in service to others.